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Our process is simple and cost effective, saving you time and money

AWC utilizes a variety of tools that combine a unique design to a powerful website. The result is a beautiful product.

Responsive Design

Smart phones and tablets have changed the way users experience websites. Our design achieves a global look through responsive coding. Go ahead and resize your browser and watch what happens to this page.

Why Responsive?

Search Engine Optimized

We want people to find your website. In order to do that, we create a site that is not only easy for humans to understand, but also search engines (spiders). Lets get the traffic you deserve!

How we Optimize?

Rocket Fast Turnover

We implement a proven process to ensure your end product is brought to you lightening fast and ready to go. If our products were an amazon item, our shipping method would be the drone! (only cheaper)

The Drone!

Learn to run your site over a cup of coffee!


What Makes Us Great?

We are small. In fact, our founder, marketer, designer, and developer is all the same guy! ACE Web Consulting is a one man show run by Andrew Eddy, a senior at the College of Charleston. Andrew believes that being involved in every aspect of a websites development life is crucial in accomplishing the “vision”. Our methods are anything but ordinary and our results, amazing. Andrew’s mission is to offer web solutions that don’t break the bank. By utilizing a vast array of tools and combining rich resources, quality products are produced in a matter of days. AWC seeks not to reinvent the wheel, but to merely realign it. This is the heart of our mission and is the reason we offer unmatched prices.

Our vision is to provide web Solutions for any financial situation. Why pay the people who did McDonalds website when you are nothing like McDonalds? We seek to provide customized solutions that match the depth of your wallet. (or lack of depth)
Our mission is to innovate. We have created a game plan that is on a different planet, and we want our concept to reach as many people as possible.
We have adopted the “think differently” campaign developed by Apple and can sum up our philosophy in one sentence: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”






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Personal Support

Call.  Email.  Text. Owl.

Personalized Documentation

After your website is complete, you are provided with step by step instructions on how to use your website and maximize efficiency. Don’t worry, pictures Included!

Example Documentation

Phone Support

Give us a call! Even if you want to check in or say hi. On the off chance you are running into any problems, we will walk you through the process of fixing it.


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